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Real Time Diagnostics

In conjunction with our Coumadin Clinic we are collaborating with Real Time Diagnostics (RTD) to provide INR self-testing services and other programs to enhance our patients' care.

We are recommending self-testing because we believe our patients' INR will be closely monitored for compliance and safety. In addition, the testing is very simple and we will make sure you are trained and comfortable with the meter and the process.

Patient Self-Testing Service (PST)

Benefits of PST
  • Increased time in therapeutic range (i.e. a more stable INR)
  • Significant reduction in adverse events with weekly self-testing
  • Have more control of your PT/INR testing with an accurate meter
  • Have the freedom to test in the comfort of your home
  • Can test with a small drop of blood from your finger
  • Free home delivery of your INR self-testing supplies
  • Patient education on diet, vitamin K consumption and medications
  • Typically, costs are similar or less than what you currently pay to obtain your INR
  • You can take your meter with you while you're on vacation and not have to worry about finding a lab to draw it for you

In addition to the self-testing services, RTD will provide these additional services at no-charge:

Dosing Management Service (DMS)

  • RTD's pharmacist will now receive your INR results and will be providing you with direction on your dosing in the future.
  • We will still see your INR results, as well as a report from RTD's pharmacist on any dosing changes they make
  • If your INR result is concerning to us or the RTD pharmacist, then we will contact you directly Medication Therapy
Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

  • Patients will have access to a local pharmacist that will provide consultation, education and dosing services for you on a regular basis
  • The pharmacist/pharmacy is available to discuss any questions you have
  • They are a full-service home delivery pharmacy which you can get all of your medications filled directly from them

We are excited about this new partnership because we can provide a more convenient monitoring program for our patients.

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